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Bring a little bit of 'wild' in to your home with a 'trook'- a tree branch hook to hang your apron or towels, mugs and utensils.

Perfect indoors or outdoors, the natural hooks make a great gift for a gardener to hang their trowel on too.


Crafted from sycamore by Ryan Spry of Chacewater, each 'trook' has it's own character with or without moss. (I love the mossy ones).


All different sizes- so of course subject to availability.

Largest in group of 8 hooks image is approx 14cm long and 4cm wide. The hook part is approx. 17mm in diameter and 45mm long.


The smallest hook is approx. 9cm long and 19mm wide. The hook part is approx. 12mm in diameter and 36mm long.


Did you know:

Sycamore is often the first tree to colonise coastal areas like Cornwall and it reached our shores about 600 years ago. Sycamores will grow exposed to the highest winds or to sea salt breezes, so the tree can symbolise strength. The ancient Egyptians had a somewhat different way of looking at their sacred tree: a Sycamore stood on the threshold of life and death and connected the two.


Branch Wall Hook

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