Hand Sanitiser and Handmade Face Mask Set £12.50

100% poly-cotton washable and reusable face masks made to last.

♡ Folds allow mask height to be adjusted as needed.

♡ We do not include a nose wire as our masks fit very snug, and the wire rusts after a couple of washes.

♡ Two layers of fabric.

♡ Well built, robust and machine washable, offering you unlimited uses.

♡ Very comfortable to wear, breathable and washable.

♡ White soft elastic for secure placement around your ears.

♡ Eco-friendly.

♡ Suitable for both adult men and women.

♡ Great to use in any circumstances, work, free time, walks, shopping. Easy to wash after use.

Collaborating with talented sewer Diane Allen to offer a wonderful set of sanitiser and stylish cotton, and lined face mask.

A a 50ml handbag sized Sani (RP £6.50) alongside a gorgeous quality stitched cotton face mask,

(RP £7.50) and available in three gorgeous shades of pale grey, bright teal and dusky blue.  We particularly love the geometric designs!

Hand Sanitiser and Handmade Face Mask Set