Our best selling natural & liquid hand sanitiser spray. Our customers are raving about it. If you visited our shop since lockdown No.1 you will know this WONDERFULY aromatic product!


“The best one we've tried in Penzance”

“Wow! smells and feels SO much nicer than the gels I have been offered" say many shoppers using it when walking into our shop.

ANTIBACTERIAL ALCOHOL HAND SANITISER FOR GERM FREE HANDS, with organic ALCOHOL derived from sugar beet, organic glycerin to minimise dryness and naturally antibacterial essential oils.

THIS SANITISER IS A LIQUID PRODUCT AND IS AVAILABLE IN BROWN APOTHECARY GLASS BOTTLES 30ml with white spray. (Also available in amber plastic in the 250ml size with white spray in store)

Blended with natural glycerin to minimise the drying effects of alcohol and naturally cleansing antibacterial essential oils including :






This liquid sanitiser conforms to World Health Organisation and government guidelines and contains 65% alcohol to ensure that germs are effectively killed through use.  The product will dry skin with contined use and should be primarily used when there is no access to soap and water for effective cleaning (i.e when out and about).  

Alcohol denat, Glycerin, de-ionised water,  Lavender essential oil*, Lemon essential oil, Rosemary essential oil*, Thyme essential oil

*ORGANIC INGREDIENT.  Contains Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol, Citral, Citranellol - natural components of essential oils

caution - causes eye irritation. Rinse well with cold water if product comes into contact with eyes

caution - flammable due to alcohol content


Hand Sanitiser by Bloom Remedies