Hanging Biodegradable Fair Trade Decoration Pet Collection 

This Sheep has spent all day curling that fleece in order to impress the local rams in the herd. Lookin' fab,- Ewe go girl! Her  fleece is made from natural, curly wool and her body are needle felted. She is made from entirely biodegradable materials.

Interesting Local Fact :

There have been Longwool Sheep in the South West for centuries. The Devon and Cornwall Longwool is the amalgamation of two local breeds: The South Devon and the Devon Longwool. The Flock Book Association of the Devon and Cornwall Longwool was established in 1977.

Type: Hanging Decoration
Dimensions: 7cm x 5cm

Made from:

100% Needle Felted Wool - felt is fantastically simple to care for, to keep this beautiful character looking its best you can simply wipe away any marks with warm water and a little soap.

Suitable for 3 years and older.

Handmade Needle Felt Sheep