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Each piece is one of a kind with a fresh hand-painted cheeky design inspired by Louise Crockenden-Johnson's love of pets, birds and the traditional British countryside.


Each one is cut out from a slice of white earthenware clay, mounted on its own ceramic and wire stand, dried, fired in a potter's kiln, then dipped in glaze and hand painted with professional ceramic colours to fix the design in the final firing.

One of the smallest peices is the Chicken at about 5cm tall, and about 6cm wide.
The largest is the Cat at about 11cm tall and measures about 10cm from its ear to tail.


Louise has a degree in Ceramics from Loughborough and is a potter based in Kettering, and says,

"I started painting birds designs, something I didn’t do when my dad was alive as he was the expert, on the new thrown and slab build creatures I made when I started Louise Crookenden-Johnson Ceramics in 2017.

I’ve always loved working in earthenware clay and majolica in particular, where the glaze is applied to the once fired bisque pottery to leave a powdery surface. The ceramic colours are then painted onto this surface which doesn’t leave much room for error! On the up side you get the vibrant, immediate colours that characterise my work and help me shape the characters of the birds and animals I adore. Each one is individually painted by hand, a little work of art in its own right and then fired to the final bright shiny glazed finish.

People often remark that my illustrations are reminiscent of children’s books and I recognise that I was very much a product of the 1940’s and 50’s children’s books of my Mums that I grew up with. I can remember them vividly."


Louise Crookenden Animal Ornament

£15.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
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