Perfect for homing your favourite plants, whether real or artificial. 

The soft tone of the wood means it will softly compliment any living space. The material is full of character and shows the marks of the carver.

Dimensions approx. Dia 27cm x Height 26cm

Imagine a tree that is not only   ""fast-growing to combat rapid deforestation but is also sturdy, yet light enough to be used for sustainable commercial purposes.  These are the attributes of the Paulownia tree. Environmentalists refer to the Paulownia as the tree of the future due to its amazing versatility when compared to other species.

The Paulownia tree is a deciduous variety named after Anna Pavlovna, who was the queen consort of the Netherlands in the 1840s. This explains why the species is also known as the Princess or Empress tree.


Paulownia Wood Planter