David Attenborough's first Blue Planet series featuring the bait ball phenomenon of the great sardine runs, inspired James Eddy to make his first fish shoal sculpture. James grew up in Cornwall and his fishing is part of his ancestry.


The first shoals were first designed as light installations, using a flickering candle, to cast huge shoals of shadow fish on the ceiling.

As the sculptures have developed over the years, the main aim was always to express the wild movement and energy of shoals of pelagic fish species.


The tiny table top shoals are designed for use with a tea light and the spiral shoal is a new design that has only been released this year. Each piece is unique, the fish are all cut by hand and frames are made by hand also.

The sculptures have been created in a variety of different forms and designs.


Commissions are welcome in any size.

Small Wall Hanging 'Circle Shoal' 40cm