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 A lovely stacking tumbler, made in Penryn, Cornwall.

It will be the large diaganol dash design shown in the first image (on town store's shelf).

Natalie Bonney made this beaker on her wheel using white stoneware clay.

Super tactile

It's been fired to 1240 degrees centigrade and is glazed with a tactile handmade smooth eggshell feel celadon glaze.

Ok in your dishwasher/microwave!

Measures roughly 3 1/2" / 9cm in diameter and 3 1/2"/ 9cm high.

Cup comfortably holds approx 12 fl/oz or 350ml

Perfect for a lovely frothy latte, tea, water, juice, or anything you like.

Beaker Tumbler by Natalie Bonnie

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