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A natural cotton tufted cushion design.

Earthy colours of dark brown, orange and dark blue on a cream backing.

Contemporary and relaxed geometric style.



Measurements - 60cm x 40cm

Plain Cream backing with zip fastner.

Available in store with a polyester inner pad £36.


A note from Ian Snow : (Because we care)

'Sustainability' is something that is cemented in us, not because it's fashionable, or suddenly being recognised as being vital to the world as we know it, this word and all it's connotations is something which is so deeply rooted in us as people, and has been for generations.

We have been brought up to be frugal, to make do and mend and have channelled this energy into our working lives.


FAIR TRADE means: We work with a small businesses across the globe who are committed to providing good working conditions, fair pay and continuous employment to their employees. We also have a factory here in the UK which makes products from 100% waste.

Recycled, Upcycled and Vintage

A substantial part of our product range is made from materials which have been used before. Creating one-off pieces, bursting with character, without having such a negative impact on the planet.



In January 2019 as a business, we decided to take immediate action against our consumption of plastic.

We decided to stop using poly-bags and instead opted for no packaging or paper packaging if the item could get scratched. We are still using some bubble wrap and polystyrene for breakable goods but are currently researching alternatives.

It's going to take a while for previously packaged goods to filter out of the warehouse but all new stock is arriving completely plastic free.

We also use recycled boxes to send out our parcels and use recycled packaging to pack out boxes occasionally. If you ever do receive plastic packaging from us, we are re-using old packaging.

‘Photos by Ian Snow Ltd’.

Cream tufted Geometric Cushion Cover by Ian Snow

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