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These floral stud earrings are beautiful, statement and minimalist whilst also being very lightweight and easy to wear.


Made with Italian leather and suede offcuts. Each pair of earrings are hand cut from scraps of Studio Lowen's leathers and suedes, carefully assembled and attached to gold plated studs.

Lisa carefully hand paints the lather in beautiful pastel and autumnal hues to brighten the gloomiest of days.

Each pair has its own unique pattern and pictures are for suggestions only. 

(Special Orders for 925 sterling silver studs or clip on fastenings can be requested at checkout.)


Approx Dimensions:

Stud width of disc is about 15mm

Stud with disc and half circle drop is about 40mm in total length

Hoop with half circle and disc is width 30mm and lenght 50mm


Lisa says, We don't like to throw things away, so we save our offcuts and re-imagine them into something new and beautiful.

Floral Earrings by Studio Lowen

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