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Traditional, simple and perfect for any occasion.
A set of six traditional dinner candles to complement any dining room. Our dinner candles are still hand drawn in the traditional way and hand wrapped for the ultimate luxurious gift. Each candle can burn for up to 10 hours.


Choose from Ivory, Woodland Green, or Classic Red (single colour per box set)

  • Burn Time: up to 10 hours

  • Size: 7/8'' x 8''

  • Fragrance: Unscented

  • Pack Size: 6 per pack


St Eval create their own unique blends of wax and fragrance to ensure a consistent aroma, superior burn quality and beautiful appearance.

“Our waxes are a combination of mineral and vegetable waxes. The mineral wax is from naturally occurring paraffin derived from crude oil which contains the organic wax of plants from millions of years ago and simply separated from the oil and cleaned. We blend these together to achieve a mix that gives superior performance, stability and reliability, and a fabulous scent throw.”

The wax used is of a 'food grade' quality (not that we we suggest eating it!), like the wax found on cheese, and does not contain any animal products. Vegan friendly.

Boxed Dinner Candle Set

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