Part of Natalie Bonney's popular domestic pottery range in subtle sea coloured glazes.

Natalie made these heart 'pinch-pots' on her wheel using white stoneware clay.


Initials NB are generally stamped on the side of her work along with 'Cornwall'.


A random but beautifully selected  heart shaped dish will be chosen for you.

Depending on what colour is available,

we will send you a random colour choice:

turquoise, pale blue, or greyish-white, greyish stone.


Great for mustard, dipping sauce, a splodge of cream, a pinch pot for salt, wasabi, a few olives, rings or jewellery, a tea light etc.


From the drop down menu choose:

Approx. measurements:


Small - 7cm x 4cm
Medium - 9cm x 5cm
Large - 11cm x 5cm


They've been fired to 1240 degrees centigrade and covered in a lovely soft smooth celadon glaze in soft bluey hued glaze.

This celadon glaze has a lovely eggshell feel which needs to be seen a