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A beautiful quality 'self care' lavender scented eye pillow- to promote a subtle grounding sensation which helps you to be present and fully engaged whilst you meditate, after yoga practices or when you are simply chilling on your sofa, winding down from the day.


Available in blue wave, gold leaf or gold tree with complimenting bag.

Limited Edition so we will send what is available.


The pillows can be placed in a microwave as well, to warm and comfort your tired eyes, sinuses and release the scent of lavender.


Mindfulness is the quality of being present and fully engaged with what we are doing at a certain moment. Free from distractions and aware of our thoughts and feelings.

The eye pillow is hand made in Newmill near Penzance, Cornwall with Organic Lavender, Linseed and Wholewheat husks.

Created from pre-loved/offcuts of fabric, 100% plastic free recycled packaging.




Lavendar Eye Pillow

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