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Pencil Set-Made From Recycled Paper    £5


Made from 100% recycled newspaper our beautifully colourful pencils are ideal for any occasion. The perfect way to make your mark in style.

Handmade by a social enterprise in Sri Lanka from eco-friendly recycled newspaper, our stylishly sustainable pencils are an ideal addition to any stationery lover's arsenal. Each and every pencil is handmade from newspaper and so each and every pencil is unique, a great back to school gift for your little ones and an even better treat for yourself.

Our pencils also help to reduce the amount of unwanted global waste and cut down on the usage of unsustainable resources, so that each pencil that you buy not only looks good, but does good too.

Made from:
Recycled Newspaper

Set of 5 Pencils - 2mm HB Length 17cm

Pencil Set-Made From Recycled Paper

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