Choose your Christmas Decoration-

Lobster, Santa Jaws or (Octopus sold out)

If you thought it was just us on land having all the festive fun, then think again!  Santa hats are on and the octpus is getting right into the festive spirit, he can even hold 8 mulled wines at once in his bendable, wire tentacles.

Santa Claus is taking a year off, but don't worry - he's put his trusted assistant Santa Jaws up to the job this year! It'd probably be best to leave an extra mince pie out though, we hear he's got quite the appetite!!

WHAT could be more festive than a Christmas lobster? Known of course, for their presence at the birth of Jesus Christ, (not) this Christmas Crustacean is the perfect, if not slightly mad, handmade and fair trade decoration for your Crimbo tree this year!

Type: Hanging Decoration
Dimensions: Approx 11cm/12cm/10cm
Material: 100% wool
Suitable from: 3 years
Manufacturing: Handmade by traditional needle felting/wet felting techniques.

Fair Trade at Felt So Good- a Bristol based small business.

Festive Octopus-Lobster-Shark-Xmas Felted Tree Decorations